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Hello from California

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Need help on deciding what culinary school to go to please!!!!!!
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I go to Johnson & Wales and love it. I really don't think that the school matters though.





I think to be sucessful with your education you should pick a school that offers some sort of 4 year program. JWU has many like Culinary Nutrition, Food Service Managment, etc.


Also, the academics you will take at almost any culinary school will be very easy. The course work is not rigorous. The way you learn is what you make of it. I take 24 credits a tri and work 50 hour weeks. What I'm trying to say is, as long as you work your hardest and set yourself above everyone else, the school doesn't matter.



Hope this was helpful


PS JWU-Providence campus is awesome and is a great place to live.  

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Thank you very much for the advice I greatly appreciate it.
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