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Possibly relocating to Maine....

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Hi all,


I'm thinking about relocating to Maine in the next few years. I was wondering if anyone on the forum is currently working in Maine and if they are - would they mind sharing some of their insight about the industry from their perspective. I know there are a lot of great local food communities - I know its seasonal...Are year-round positions near impossible to come by? 


Would love to hear some different opinions!



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Portland is the epicenter of high-end restaurants, awesome things going on there. While summer is the busy season, it's not a ghost town in winter by any means. It has a lively year-round community (biggest city in the state) that has a good amount of money and a trendy lifestyle (hipsters, high-end clothing stores, ipads everywhere etc.). Many Boston chefs are relocating to Portland or getting their start there and going to Boston. This is where you want to be.


Outside of Portland there are some bright spots like Ogunquit (arrows restaurant there is worthy of a michelin star) Rockland (primo restaurant owner there just one a james beard award for best chef) and couple others in between. Also many resorts and high-end inns in the touristy coastal areas. Winter also attracts some business in these sort of resort places too but these are obviously seasonal for the most part.

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Thanks for the advice.


I have spent a little time in Ogunquit and enjoyed some good meals at MC Perkins Cove.


Portland sounds great, good to know there's full year employment in that area. My background is in hotels and country clubs which is what I'd like to continue with if possible. It seems as though I'd have a better shot with a hotel/resort than a country club based on the research that I've done - there seem to be only a handful of great clubs in the areas I'm looking...


Thanks again, I appreciate your help!

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No problem. Let me know how it goes, I am thinking of relocating to Maine too. Portland is the most likely possibility because I've only worked in restaurant kitchens but I would like to gain some experience in a resort or hotel.

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