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Chef Coat's 100% cotton ?

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Hi i have figured out this past few weeks at work that i am allergic to poly material  polyester 

i remember when i first put on the  Cotton/Poly blended Coat in school i started itching but not very bad 


now at work out coats are 100% poly and i itch all the time 

this is why i feel i am allergic 


so i am looking to find a white chef coat 100% cotton 

i have looked on Chefwork's and i see the ones that say 100%  DON'T HAVE mY size next to them like 5x is what i would need 

they go more as in numbers 

the largest i see is a 60 

can someone please help me out to understand what size a 60 would be 


is a 60 going to be to small for me if i weaer a 5x  ? 

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This when Google becomes your friend, but I did find this although they are only available in all black.

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i did do some google searching on them 

i know for work i need to have the cloth knotted buttons so that i can always take the buttons of of my current work cots to replace with other buttons that come on the new ones 

but yeah it has to be white not black 

i just wish i cuould find out how to tell what size the 60 would fit that chefworks 

im going to call them tomorrow and see if the 60 is equivlent to a 4 or 5 x 

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58-60 = 4X

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I have met a few F&B people over the years (mostly women) that have them custom made.

Craigs List would be a good place to start a seamstress search after that maybe hobby/craft stores that teach quilting (you need to hire the teacher or a very experienced student ;-) or other places that teach (needlework) or sell sewing supplies.




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