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As fortune would have it I stumbled accross 2 bottles or merryvale profile, 1997. They appear well kept. I have drank any 97 california wine since i stumbled into a nest or 97 berringer private rsv cab when I was in a border shop in putgaten germany in 06 and found them for 55 euros a bottle, almost brock my arm getting my wallet out to buy them, all 14 bottles gone in a year,delightful. So its been years.. so the question is, to all you winos out there, how are the 97's drinking? Prime? Past and on the way downhill? Still a bit young? I remember the berringer still being a bit tanic but definatly ready. I have been drinking wonderful french, spaninh, italisn, ect ect...for the last 8 years but I miss california wines so im pumped. Imput?