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Looking for advice .

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hey my name is Justin .

I just finished Culinary School in a small town. I was looking to moving to a bigger city and also to get out of Texas.What State or city would any of you suggest ??

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San Francisco and the wine country around Napa and Sonoma are good culinary spots.
Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.
Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.
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Depends what you are looking for? SF is going to be a HUGE culture shock moving from TX. I know I lived in both. I love SF and IMO some of the best restaurants in the Country. WA Seatle at least is a great food town... nashville is also great. NY of course but that is a tough move... Give me more info I can give you ideas are you single married kids are you active ETC? I have been lucky to live in tons of places and i like them all for certain things...

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I agree with cheflayne, but.....San Francisco will be a HUGE CULTURE SHOCK coming from small town Texas.

I landed in SF in 1980 to go to school coming from a small town, WOW............

I lived in the city, couldn't get enough of it, lived in and worked around the East Bay for years, but always wanted to be in the city.

I haven't lived in California for nearly a decade, San Francisco is the only thing I miss.

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Thanks everyone for your advice.
I have dreamed of heading to California.
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