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Hello Chefs..
So I've been working in the kitchen for 12years and have done cooking ranging from prep to Sous and now want to start my own private catering. I have done a couple small scale parties, (ie: bridal showers, baby showers, family get togethers,). My cousins proposed a Gig to me to provide appetizers for his schools fund raiser with a guest list of 300+ ppl. I have done catering in a large scale before but nothing in this magnatude by myself. I wrote a menu that was fairly easy and didn't require alot of prep. They accepted my purposely and I'll be within the 20% break down of my sales. I feel that this is my moment to really elevate myself to another level in my career. Now the kicker. I'll be doing all of this out of my house, with one guy helping me. I feel like i bite off more then I can chew but don't want to let my cousins down and potential clients down as well. Is this the equvalent to stage freight for actors? I obtained insurance for the event and I'm soley responsible for the food and food alone. Any pointers you guys can give me to help me become and excellent caterer?
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Prep and pray hahaha
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