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How do I research doing business with production and film companies.  We have the charisma, character, professionalism and desire to serve those in the celebrity area.  How do we present ourselves and company for production catering?  Its showtime all over Atlanta and we want to be part of the show. 


Thanks for your help. 

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First off, do you have a truck set up for movie catering? Or do you want to do drop off meals?
Do you have a reliable crew that will work 14-16 hrs a day, get up at 2am, be reliable?
Production managers hire all crew for film shoots, they will have their go to caterer that they try to use all the time.
There is a book for LA called LA411, it's a directory for all things needed for film production, caterers, camera rentals, electrical, props, directors, crew, etc.
see if there might be one for Atlanta.
I was the chef for a company in LA for seven years.
Commercials and music videos usually have more money in the budget for food than movies, also seemed to be a better quality of people working them.

Here's something I copied from one of the caterers website, So True. Show up with a dirty piece of crap, it will be your last with most crews.

The work areas are maintained with the highest standards. The equipment is state of the art and always maintained. Image and appearance are as important as providing the tastiest food. We never forget that.

LA411 has a Georgia listing

Georgia Caterers
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