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Storing fish on towels

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I worked at a resto that would lay their fish, once portioned, onto chick(sp?) towels.  If they were ever introduced to ice it would be in ziploc bags.  This method seemed to keep the fish fresher and easier to work with. 

Does anybody else use this method of storing fish?  If so, what kind of towels do you use?

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I've never used actual towels, but we used to flatten ice packs on sheet trays, wrap them in plastic and then set portions of fish on top of the ice packs and wrap again in plastic.  Worked best for presliced ceviche.

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I use tea towels.


Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.
Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.
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Not sure about the u.s but here in oz a lot of people (including myself) use chux cloths to store seafood. I find it absorbs any juices keeping the protein dry which makes for easier caramelisation. Although cryovacing is the best method, once out of a vac bag and into service fridge trays... Onto a cloth (skin side up) is the best method I have found..
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we use these ones...

  mega effective, keeps the fish dryer, so theres less spray from the pan, and also makes it more hygenic, we change all our cloths 3 times a day..

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