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question about sharpener

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hello i am buying a new sharpener and i need your help about this.

i am looking for this :

 or this :

or this:

and i dont know which one is beter to chose?

i will need this for butchering.

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Which knives are you going to use with the rod??
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My question was meant to make sure you were not going to steel very hard, highly asymmetric Japanese blades. It's clearly not the case.
From the three you mentioned, the Dickoron Safire is the smoothest. The diamond one will eat your blade, the Titan will eat only the edge.
About the Safire: excuse my ignorance, but I don't know what is the meaning of the oval form. Perhaps reducing the pressure by making the contact area a bit greater.
Anyway, the Dickoron are very expensive and somewhat outdated. Modern ceramic rods offer at least comparable results for much less money.
I use myself a black MAC, but have heard they changed it recently by adding grooves, so it isn't a good option anymore. Have heard some good things about the Idahone, though.
Some reading:
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I use 3 F Dick steels. The oval regular cut, the sapphire oval you linked, and their broad nearly flat Multi cut.


The Sapphire cut would be best if you steel a lot as it is the least aggressive. Diamond or the extra aggressive steel are too much for frequent use. If a regular cut steel isn't enough, it is time for stones.


Since you will use a Mac a ceramic rod would be a better choice. I'm looking to upgrade my ceramic and this one is at the top of my list. It is flat on 2 sides and ridged on the other 2.


Mac has a nice warranty on it also.



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