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Culinary & Pastry?

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I am a senior this year and some of my interest have always been cooking and baking. I've been applying to some colleges and also looking for some community colleges. Is it possible to go to college and study both culinary and pastry courses at the same time? and if so how long would it take me? Also i need a little help looking for a college that offer both.

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I will be starting pastry school in a week at a community college. They have both pastry and culinary programs. I chose to double major not in culinary, but hospitality. My two AS degree programs should take me a total of two years and one summer to complete. Some of my friends are majoring in both pastry and culinary, with the same time frame as me. I imagine you can double major at any school with both programs, whether it's a private school or community college. I know several people who have done that at Johnson and Wales - they're just paying three times the amount of money that I am. Nothing wrong with that though - if you can afford it, do it! Good luck. smile.gif
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