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Hey whatsup guys

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Hows it going?, names Jordan..brand new to this site but not the industry. Started working in restaurants when i was 16 with no intention of pursuing it as a career.After high school I ended up going to a normal college to pursue a buisness degree and ended up failing due to a lack of motivation. Was working in a restaurant at the time when it kind of just hit me, it was all clear and i knew what i wanted to do. With the support of my parents, I decided to go to culinary school (currently at the art institute of Colorado) still working in the industry at a very high paced health food/ farm to table as a pantry cook. Still extremley happy with my decision, no regrets. I've learned a lot of things in school..mostly how to express my creativity and what not to do lol


just wanted to say whatsup and talk about my background for a minute, thanks all





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Aloha, Welcome to Chef Talk Jordan.

This is a great Community, so many different culinary skill levels from all around the Globe. 

Feel free to join the conversation or start one in the relevant thread. 

Don’t pass over the Articles, Reviews and Gallery; there are some fantastic photos of folks work and fun stuff too. 

Try the Search bar at the top of the page when looking for an interest; a lot of topics have gone around the block a few times already. 

Also, if you have questions in regards to Chef Talk’s website once you’ve read the Tutorials, FAQ and Community Guidelines, you can post those in the Feedback & Suggestions forum. 

Whatever you do, have a good time doing it!   

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