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Unhappy with new job....need advices from fellow members

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I recently graduated from my community college's culinary program. I was offered a job after a working interview, a few days ago. At first, I thought, "this is great, now I am getting experience and being paid at the same time".


I don't mind working with a strict chef, my chef's constant use of sarcasm makes it hard to work with him.

Everyday I have to drag myself to work, tell myself to be happy, and skip lunch and dinner all for the sake of gaining experience. I feel as long as I work there, I will eventually lose my passion to cook, at the same time I have lined another job that pays less, but it was a job I know I won't have to drag myself to.


I had no problem working with other restaurants in the past.


The only I didn't leave yet is because the place I'm working now used to be my internship site. Only a few people were still around when the restaurant had a fire. Some of them helped me got this job. Should I tell them how I feel about working now?


Advice? Please?

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Me? If I hate a job, I'll find a job I love... or at least like. Nothing is worse than working a job you hate. But, sometimes this isn't the best advice to give because of all the variables involved. It's really up to you!

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its tough......but don't give up the job before you have found a new, better one!! 

try to look for positive things, are there any? nice collegues, or gaining a lot of experience despite everything?

been there done that.....I ended up leaving, but please think again before you do that.

having a job at all it already a challenge these days, I mean, too many people losing these..

I wish you a lot of courage and strength.

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Man, I hate sarcastic chefs*







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You're gona run into alot of @$$holes in this business but some of them really care.  Whether its the chef or a customer i'd rather be talked down to by someone who knows what they're doing then by someone who has no clue what they ordered. If you already feel this way in such a short time you need to see if you can to grow some thicker skin or make a decision if you really can make it in this business.  This industry can be very rough, its like none other I know, we have little to no unions so its kinda open season with you employers.  Plus, you also have to compete with those that have questionable references to work in this country who will work cheaper, harder, more loyal, then a good many culinary artist.  This is not counting the many other things you will encounter if you climb up the ladder but all I can say is that it doesn't get any easier.


I'm not saying get out, we need all the best talent that we can get.  You just need to not take things personally and try to make the next plate you make better then the previous one.

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amen to that!!! its so true.

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