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Aloha from Hawaii

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Hi everyone, I'm from Oahu,Hawaii and I heard about this site from when I was California for school and now that am opening my business and thought this site will be a great place to get ideas and help..

My family is opening a coffee business and we been trying to figure out names for our's a store front business so we open it in a self storage area it's pretty busy and now we are out of our house since we started it from our home...

I wanted to know if there was anyway you guys could help us figure out a great and unique name for our shop in Hawaii

Thank you and mahalo:)
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Aloha, welcome to Cheftalk from another Kamaaina.

This IS a great place, the membership is fantastic, very generous and giving, not unlike the folks in Hawaii Nei! 

Please feel like you can post just about anywhere on the site; take a minute to review the guidelines and faq’s.  Braddah/Sista (not sure which) let me know if you need help.

As to your question, you should post that in the general forums, like maybe, I don‘t know, Food & Cooking?  There are some caffeine addicts here.

Come back often and post some photos, Hawaiian Coffee is the best!

A hui hou!


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