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Hi all,

I hope it's OK to post this here as I joined looking for extra help on this.


I'm trying to find a place to purchase some Sitram Cybernox cookware.  I can find some random places with Sitram products, but none have the Cybernox treatment.


Here's the company's website showing the Cybernox line


I've tried the "where to buy" link on the Sitram website and checked out every one of their links as best as I can only to come up empty on anyone selling Cybernox pans.


I've tried Google, Amazon and ebay as well with no luck and I'm starting to think they no longer sell Cybernox pans or have perhaps changed the name of the product??


So in short... does anyone know where I can purchase Sitram Cybernox treated cookware??


Thank you for any help on this,