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Moving from fine dining kitchen to a soup kitchen.

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So I was wondering, after one has worked at fine dining, michelin-starred, or famous celeb chef restaurants, what are your opinions of him/her going to a soup kitchen to cook for the poor?

Regardless of what age he/she is. 

What are your opinions on this? Is it a bad move? Or is it because of the money? Or any other reason?


I feel that it's a very interesting topic to discuss about. As I myself have ever thought of this before.

Giving back to the community.

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While it is noble, I am not sure I would throw away my dreams to run a soup kitchen. (assuming that is what he/she wants) Maybe do it on days off? Bi-weekly? A lot of restaurants will donate food too. 

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I'd do it if I kept my current job, and try to get the restaurants involved indeed because some throw away a lot of usable food, which might be suitable to use in the soup kitchen....


On the other side, a job is a job is a work experience is work experience.

That's what counts (at least, in my country....)

I personally don't think it would be a bad move at all.....says something about your involvement with community.

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I work with a celebrity chef and at a soup kitchen. Of course I work more hours at the paying job.

I see question marks but don't understand the question.

Is helping others bad? No

Would you leave a well paid job to work at a soup kitchen? No,unless money is no object, soup kitchens don't pay.

And that last part must have translated wrong or there is a typo perhaps ever=even. If so stop thinking about it a go do it. You can go once and it will make a difference. You don't have to go every day to change a life.
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Thanks for the replies. Because I'm having a hard and unhappy time at my workplace due to the standards they demand. And was thinking of other options if I do decide to leave. Maybe leave this line forever? Go completely off the grid?
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The greatness of a chef is not measured by the price of the food produced. Producing high quality food inexpensively is every bit as challenging as producing high end stuff. Comes down to personal priorities and goals for one's life. 

Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.
Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.
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Maybe I need to rethink my options on being a chef, sorry, a cook.
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I feel it's all about personal goals. Set them, meet them, set new ones.

Follow your own path, if it makes you happy and you can pay the bills, do it!

It may be a noble act that you are taking on, but if it compromises your lifestyle, well, it's your choice.

Noble non-the-less.

Best of luck

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I have volunteered at one of our local Soup Kitchens and found it to be a lot of fun. I moved on many years ago but still have friends from there that I see once in a while. I moved on to our local Food Bank 16 years ago and managed to incorporate my Chef skills into some amazing fund raising. We run what is known locally as the BBQ CRUE we work car shows store openings community events you name it anywhere we can set up and serve food we are there. The effort brings in over 50k net a year for our organization, I have all the freedom I want in menu and all the joy of running my own kitchen and I have no risk. I encourage all Chefs to try and help out local charities, we will be starting a program to teach at risk youth basic food service skills and a program to teach single Dads proper meal preparation. Look around your community I sure you can find a place to give away some of your knowledge and have a positive impact. Cheers Fred

Kill a cow...Light a fire.....The Magic begins
Kill a cow...Light a fire.....The Magic begins
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One of my favorite things to do is whip up a few pans of a baked pasta dish, throw together a salad and take it all to the local homeless men's shelter.  Am I going to quit my job and go work there? No.  Now if I hit the lotto... well... let's just say I would definitely be there more often (and probably serve something other than pasta)!

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But currently I don't think I fit being in a professional kitchen, there was never once a smooth service I did. Guess I'm leaving this line for good.

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If you enjoy cooking for people and want to continue that, the soup kitchen offers a great opportunity to do so as a volunteer experience regardless of whatever occupation you end up in to pay the bills.


As far as leaving the industry... I wouldn't base a decision on one experience (if that is the case).  Every restaurant has its own atmosphere, maybe find one that fits your personality better?

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Well, I think I'll help out a lot at the soup kitchen! It's something I wanna do long term!

Work wise I just have to reconsider my options carefully.
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