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New forum user from Brisbane Australia

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Hey y'all or should I say g'day to confirm the stereotype.

I'm from Australia. I'm helping to run and manage the kitchen of two vegetarian cafe/takeaways in Brisbane. We are in the Middle of the city and open for lunch only. We cater for cbd workers on lunch breaks, vegans, vegetarians, omnivores etc. even though we serve food in baine mare and salad fridge our food is all home made from scratch, we use good ingredients, and put a lot of effort into our food. I cook all cuisines and rotate hot dishes and salads daily. We do curries, bakes, enchiladas, burgers, dosa, rice, snacks, fried stuff, amazing healthy gourmet salads, healthy desserts etc. just to give you an idea. I'll post some menus down the track a bit. I'm on here to get some advice. I'm not a trained chef ( I never went to school). I taught myself mostly and have worked in England, Canada, Morocco and Australia as a chef. Have some good experience, but still more to learn. Even wrote a cookbook in morocco! This is my biggest job so far because we serve hundreds of meals a day, have a small kitchen and operating 2 shops (cooking mostly in one store) and transporting food. We are opening a commercial kitchen soon to make bulk cooking easier. We want to start doing catering to make it feasible to pay for the commercial kitchen And I'm pretty clueless with catering so I will probably ask some questions here. That's what's up. Thanks for having me here. Cheers.
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Aloha, Welcome shane to Chef Talk, I’m so glad that you’ve found all of us.

This is a fantastic, vibrant, eclectic community comprised of everything, INCLUDING the kitchen sink!

Check the place out and if you have a question in regards to the site self, you can post those in the Feedback & Suggestion forum.  I might suggest the search bar at the top of the page since CT had been around for more than 10 years, many a topic has gone around the moon a few times.

Please take a look at the general forums as well as the Pro section, many a Home Cook brings just as much to the table as in any Five Star restaurant.

Like on Face Book too!  You can find other like minded folk there as well.

Happy Cooking!

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