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Honest opinions Please!!

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Hey Everyone.


Hope everyone is doing well.

I would really appreciate if I could get some advice on my current situation.

I am an Indian national, currently visiting my sister in Michigan.

I hold a masters degree in applied bioscience from India but my heart was in professional cooking so I   switched my career and went to a culinary school in Singapore, took a diploma course for 17 months.

I finished school in early 2012 and was working in Italian Restaurants in Singapore since, almost a year and 5 months. Recently I had to uproot my life in Singapore, quit my job and come to the states to be with my sister because of a family issue.

I am in the USA on a tourist visa, I know I cant get a job easily as I dont have enough work experience for anyone to hire me,still since i ve been here i ve tried sending out emails to hundreds of places in USA and Canada but to no avail.

Does any one know anyone or can point me in the right direction or should i just pack my bags and go back to India.

Also, when i was in culinary school, nutrition piqued my interest, is it a good idea to study nutrition? if yes, any place offering a course from a chefs point of view cause all the places i ve looked at dont really focus on that aspect they teach you how to be a nutritionist or a dietician, which is not what i am aiming at.


I could really use any help/advice/ opinion.


Thank you so much for your time.

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You can not get a job in the states with a tour visa. You need a work visa or one for education which allows you to work 20 hours a week while in school. If your going to stay you will have to find someone willing to pay you cash. Places like that don't require resumes. If you take that route, other local foreigners is where I would look for information. Good luck!
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Thank you very much .

Hows the Indian Food scene like in LA?

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