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Name for catering company

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Hi  guys, Please help, I am setting up a catering company in south africa and I am looking for a catchy name? To give you some detail, south africa is on a huge trend where everybody is doing their best to live healthy so my company is reflecting a healthier lifestyle in its cuisine, but it is not only doing catering it will be very much involved in recycling and a greener lifestyle. It will be doing a lot of community work too.

Any ideas?



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Stay away from trendy names----they become out of date when the trend fades.


Catering is a field where the food must please the tastes of all of the guests.


It might be best to use your own name and build a reputation for crowd pleasing foods and great service ---then you are free to have your business evolve and grow as trends change and your style of working matures.


I've seen restaurants fail with 'trendy' names---'Diet Works' was the funniest---

Imagine inviting some one to dinner there----" What!!! So you think I'm fat????"

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Aloha and welcome to Chef Talk Hein Lesie.

I’m sure that you’ve noticed that your post has been moved over to the Food & Cooking forum.  

The Feedback & Suggestions forum is meant for questions in regards to CT’s website that are not addressed in the FAQ or Tutorials.

This way, you will have a much broader audience and therefore more responses to your question.

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"The Green Bean"



Names really don't matter as much as you think they do.  Being in NY I rely much more on the storefront to entice me.  In midtown and downtown for example, where there are lots of business people that go out for their lunch breaks, there are a few kinds of stores to choose from.  First, there is the deli-style place.  Here they have a grill and you can order any kind of sandwich, pick up yogurts and fruits and pre-prepared salads at the counter and they often have cafeteria style seating.  These delis are very popular.


The other popular places are the "green" type of salad places.  You stand in line at a buffet (you can't access the buffet, a staff person does) and you choose your salad toppings.  They have various types of lettuce from romaine to spinach and everything in between, and a cornucopia of toppings/additions/dressings.  They usually also sell soup and pre-prepared sandwiches.  I often go to these and they mark themselves as health by having the word "green" or "market" in their name, clean store front so you can look through and see all the fresh ingredients at the buffet.

"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake."


"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake."

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Try to avoid using trends in your company name. For instance the "greener lifestyle" trend could blow over in a few years and you will be left with an outdated name. Use trendy activities in the baseline of your name or logo. I've been in advertising for a very long time, so, for what it's worth, my suggestions are;

- use your own name in the company's name, personal names are the most easy thing to remember for your customers. It proves to customers that you stand 100% behind your own creations, otherwise you would stay anonymous..

- use a general description of what you do in the name; don't let people dought what you're doing. It will stimulate people to get on the phone or step into your store without hesitation. And also, it will not get unnoticed when advertising on the internet

- keep it simple!!


How about "Hein Lesie's Cuisine" - "Chef Hein's Cuisine" etc. - Baseline; a healthier take on food.

If later on you evolve from catering to a restaurant(chain), dessert factory etc. you can still use the name.

When having "Hein's Catering" you will be stuck with the "catering" in the name.


Veel succes! 

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I disagree Chris that the green lifestyle will go out of trend. It will evolve, but a healthy lifestyle will never go out of style. In fact the word green is a great word to have in the title because it conjures up something fresh. I also like the names if herbs in titles.

"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake."


"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake."

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I also don't think things like green and healthy will go out-of-style; however, there's a large number of people that don't believe food that is green, healthy, low-fat, low-calorie, etc. can taste good.  Green, healthy, etc. are choices most of us think we should be making on a daily basis . . . however, when someone is planning a catered event, this is a time for being a little indulgent and enjoy some culinary decadence . . . although, anyone that knows appreciates and knows about the finer distinctions in cooking knows you can be healthy and green at the same time.


If I were choosing a caterer, I want flavor!  If it happens to be healthy, even better.

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We had a lot of ecological or "green" waves the past decades that not necessarily died but for some reason have disappeared to the background. Just a few; the irreversible gigantic hole in the ozone layer caused by too much farting cows and what not, acid rain that would kill all vegetation, the disastrous greenhouse effect caused too much CO2, global warming and the soon expected biblical floods, that horrible nuclear energy, our too big ecological footprint, etc. Since the economy has collapsed we haven't heard too much of all that. All of those topics are of general interest and concern. Did we all buy small cars since? We (hopefully) are more aware of wasting and saving energy at home? We are taking better care (hopefully) of how much food we buy and throw out, unused. How much water do we waste each day? Are we selecting our garbage because we want it or because it's the law? Let's be honest, we don't really care too much of the general public's concern. We don't like "we", we love "me". That's why we liked Montignac, Nouvelle Cuisine and since a few years the Mediterranean cookbooks and thousands of stupid diets.


There is definitely a new wave already going on where food is concerned and it's living more healthy, or better yet, merely being aware that living healthy is important, which is more a personal concern and has little to do with ecology. People are getting obese by over-consumption, let's call it simply over-eating and a total lack of exercise. All the sudden there's a gigantic market for healthy food and fitness centers. That's the trend that is happening right now and will stay for a while. Pre-packed, ready-to-use, so-called health food,... oh please!


Also worth mentioning is the newest trend of sourcing local food and the revival of forgotten products, artisanal products and grandma's recipes. I love it, but it has been here since the slow-food movement started! Is it going to stay? Probably, but it will get less focus in the near future, just like all trends.

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