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chef work and Health

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I am just out of culinary school and have been working at the same place for 5 years. simply because i have gotten really comfortable there. 1 am 20 years old been working in kitchens since 14. At the age of 5 i was unlucky to get type 1 diabetes, now i never thought this would be a issue. But now i am 20 and a chef who works 15 hour days sometimes straight. i recently left my job to go work at a hotel which was a really good place to learn un like where i was working. But because of my diabetes i just couldnt live that life style i needed longer breaks and enough time to manage my diabetes so after lasting a month i returned to my old position. that is smaller and i am currently head chef  my question really is how can a type 1 diabetic chef be healthy in the industry and be able to reach his dreams withought putting his own health at risk ? 


are there any type 1 diabetic chefs out there that can assist ?

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Hi Chefadrianc


I know how you feel, I have type 1 diabetes and it is a b**ch to manage while working in a kitchen!

I am really bad at managing my diabetes, I don't eat right and i put my work before my health, which i know is not smart, so I'm not sure if i am the best person to give advice, Finding an employer who understands diabetes and that you need those breaks is a good start.

As long as those you work with understand that your health comes first, and that you can still do your job properly, you should still be able to follow your dreams.


I hope all goes well, and nothing should stop you from following your dreams. Keep healthy!!

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Thanks for your reply. I guess i find it hard to manage and forget that there is other people like me out there in this industry. So getting a reply makes me realise i am not alone and makes me feel that little bit better. 

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We are not alone, there are quite a few, well known diabetic chefs, (Not Paula Deen) 

There is one chef in the uk who has become well known for starting a diabetic restaurant which has taken off like a storm, maybe that's the way forward? Won't work where i live though!!

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Anthony Worrall Thompson is a well-known UK chef who is specifically interested in pre- and diabetic conditiondps since being diagnosed with X syndrome a few years back. He also tries out many gluten free recipes.

Here's his website.
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