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I have a staffing company that provides bartenders and servers.

Due to the requests and simply expanding my market. I've deciding to have a catering "division",

 It's far to late in the game to compete with the several establish caterers out there.

The message board I joined asks caterers for quotes. Basically they're all the same.


Buffet    40-60ppl       $15-$20 per person     and they don't know what kinda food they want.


I can already sense the frown. But I'm half tempted to quote a price while looking at somebody else's catering site.

Put a markup on. Change out the serving containers Deliver it. and call it good.

Another good idea I heard was to get an up & comer out of culinary or college that has ambition and let him run wild.

Or solicit a catering company for their expertise, but I don't know how lucrative that would be.


I know nothing of food cost, prep time,   I do know labor, profit, travel costs. would like to have a rough equation to submit.

 Grade school math tells me 60 x 17/18. I Then, with that number figure overhead then tell caterer " can you do this for $X amount?

He/She will say yes.


That's the formula I'm looking for.thumb.gif