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Pastry programs in New York or northeast?

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Hi all

I know there have been posts about this but was hoping someone could break it down. I have been looking at FCI (now international culinary center)'s pastry program, but for $45,000 they'd better be teaching how to make gold out of your pastries. I've also briefly looked at ICE, but have not seen much threads about it. I sent an email to the admissions of FCI requesting a tour of the school, but have not received a response which turns me off a bit because they're not being attentive to their prospective students from the get go. I also recently read the article about a culinary student who burned himself and sued the school (leading to why it's probably now called the ICC instead of the FCI) which is also turning me off.

I'm 23 and currently working in the international relations field, but was recently a victim of a traumatic accident that has made me seriously consider going to pastry school since it has always been my passion but have been afraid to take the leap. My fear is that $45,000 is a lot of money considering I am not an American citizen and will not have access to loans. Is anyone currently enrolled who is not a citizen but was able to find decent work after the program? Because otherwise $45,000 is pretty hefty for therapy.

Thank you!
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That's a lot of money to learn how to bake a cake. Find an entry level job in a bakery before you commit to something like that.

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Sorry, meant to say I've been baking since i was 9 and have done light catering for coworkers before. I'm starting to veer away from ICC and am now looking at ICE, but there's not much info on them in the forums either
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There are many cheaper schools out there. Are you limited to one geographic area? Have you thought about community colleges? There's also the Oregon Culinary Institute (13k for pastry) and the French Pastry School in Chicago - a GREAT school that is almost half the price of ICC ($24k).

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Hi morphone! Thanks for the response. My parents are paying for my school and prefer New York or boston - maybe San Francisco because i have family there. Any suggestions? I looked into the French pastry school in Chicago and was really interested but i don't think it will happen...
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Oh! In Boston try the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, and in SF try San Francisco Baking Institute (SFBI is one of the more respectable institutions to pop up in SF, and it's affordable). 

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