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Baking desserts for restaurants

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Hi, I have to date been baking small orders for clients and small stores in my home-based baking business. I would like to expand and get some larger orders for restaurants, cafeterias, etc.

When I do a small order I can fit it in a bakery box or two to deliver. I am wondering how to deliver larger orders. I can't see putting large orders in bakery boxes.

Does anyone know how a restaurant would typically receive a large order of brownies? What kind of containers? Cut into individual serving sizes or not?

Also, any other info pertaining to this matter would be greatly appreciated.

I would like to have a bit of knowledge about this so I can be more confident when I speak to restaurant owners.


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Cut and wrapped in cling wrap.

A sticker with ingredients and the bakery name and addy on bottom.

Nothing says pro like a good sturdy bakery box...

Search the internet and ask for samples.



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Hi Mimi,

yes, I have done orders for stores, etc., cut and cling wrapped each item, and put in a bakery box. I meant for larger orders to restaurants. For example, for a small pub that has a few desserts, they almost always have a slice of brownie with ice cream. Say the restaurant ordered 5 dozen brownies from me each week... would they want them individually wrapped or still on the baking tray? Or maybe some other way I don't know about?

Any idea?

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I would first ask the customer for his preference.

Then, if they left it up to me I would cool then wrap (whole) and chill .

Place on a sturdy food safe base and and wrap again.

Slide into a sturdy box (box same size as base) and there you have it.

My brownies are pretty fudgy and get squished when stacked (likewise easy to squish if my plastic is too tight) but you may be able to get 2 "layers" per box.




If shipping fill the void space with something and add a cool pack then cover the box with fragile and this end up stickers.

They will do it anyway but at least you tried.



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You are most certainly welcome....



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Plain pizza boxes.

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Pizza box.

Excellent tip buba.



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