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Charlotte Molds

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I'm in need of a charlotte mold, and the ones I've seen for sale at my local cookware shop all have the same tinned coating that looks like it's about to peel off. Question for whomever makes charlottes here, what's the deal with this coating? Is it as fragile as it looks? I don't want it coming off in the dessert.

And are all charlotte molds equal, or is there one or two brands that stand above the rest?
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I have lots of tinned steel bakeware--most of it over 25 years old and I've always been happy with it. Make sure you dry it completely before storing it after use.


It looks like de Buyer makes charlotte molds and they make good products, but I think just about any of the French imports are probably OK. Mine is ancient but not tinned steel. It's a more matte surface. Looks more like the ones being sold by Williams Sonoma on their website.

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Thanks, I've seen a few with the matte coating the looks like it's about to slough off. Good to hear that it's good quality stuff!

What size molds are the most useful for the broadest range of desserts?
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Mine holds about 2 quarts. My French neighbor's is about the same size. She uses hers to make creme caramel.

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