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What was the best meal you ever had?

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The thread about the most expensive meal I've ever had got me thinking. The most expensive meal I've had was by no means was it the best. The best meal I've ever had was in Italy. I was there for school and it was near the end of our stay and there was an optional outing, so I went. We were driving down winding and bumpy roads to some churches and finally we made it to this farm that made literally everything they served on site. We had wine, oils and breads, cheeses, meats, and pasta. Everything was simple but the ingredients were so fresh and beautiful that everything turned out so wonderful. The second best meal I've had was at a restaurant called Andinas in Portland which was only about $40pp.

In interested to hear your experiences.
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It's difficult to differentiate between the food and the dining experience in my opinion.  I tend to remember the experience, and the food plays just a role in that experience.  For example, I remember the very first time my husband took me out to eat sushi.  I hated it.  But it was my first introduction to sushi and after that I started slowly liking it.  But I'll never forget that first time even though I was really weirded out at the time and didn't not like the food.

"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake."


"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake."

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I've had a lot of great food, but I'll go with two

1. I was 16 years old, went camping on family land in the mountains with my uncle who was around 30 at the time. We packed a big cooler and rationed everything for the three days we'd be there. On the last night there, Saturday night, we cooked one of the best things I've ever had. We had our fire going on a large flat rock, and decided to grab a smaller, slightly larger than steak sized river rock and stuck it near the fire to heat up. Once hot, we threw some ribeye steaks on them and cooked them to medium rare with nothing but some salt, pepper, and olive oil on it. I don't even like ribeyes due to their "mushy" texture, I would take a strip steak over it anydat, but I guess because of the intense heat and maybe the natural minerals from the stone? it was by far the ebst steak I've ever eaten. Of course, The place we camped at was a 100+ year old apple orchard that has seen better days, but still produces apples. We were apple to find some good looking specimens (luckily we happened to go camping in the middle of season) and stuck them in some foil and placed the package in the coals. They were possibly the best apples I've ever eaten. 


2. My other best, if not mind blowing food experience, was going to a tiny random Peruvian restaurant in a small random town I was passing through on a business trip. I often like to eat local as opposed to chain when I go places, so when I was going through menus of nearby places and saw an appetizer of heart I knew I had to go immediately. I ended up going to this place ( twice in the week I was around, despite being 20 minutes in the opposite direction. I was the only one in there each time, the chef/owner lady came out and talked to me after my meal both times (she was born and raise in Peru), and the food was just amazing. I gorged myself both times, and loved everything I had, but my favorite was the appetizer of Anticuchos (heart kabobs, which I loved so much I learned to make at the house) and sampler plater which was three different dishes that I don't remember the names of. All three were equally great and I really struggled to hold back emotion from hugging the chef because it was just that superb. If anyone is ever in or near Ooltewah, TN or even Chattanooga, TN, do yourself a favor and take the drive, you'll be blown away

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