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Hi, I am an 18 year old trainee chef from England, I'm sure you may be getting bored of threads like this, but I'm just wondering if anyone has any general tips on how to further myself (any books or general tips). I am extremely keen to be as good as I can be, and will be grateful of any tips.
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excuse me. 

how helpful is the reply of suggesting a hotel looking for a genuine keen chef, while all that rbayes asks, is for tips etc how to further himself....

at this age and training level I personally don't think you would be ready to lead a hotel kitchen! 

not yet.


rbayes you don't tell what training you are following.....what kind of school? what basics do you have already.

that would be helpful for other people on here to give suggestions.


aside from that, the suggestions I have are rather simple but come down to the basic things you need.

make sure that your basics are up to snuff.

your knowledge about hygiene, products, cutting techniques, what a kitchen needs in order to be run properly, etc.

read as much as you can, there are plenty of books out these days that are very helpful.

which of the famous names (you have quite a few in UK)  is your favorite chef? did he put out books that could be helpful to learn from?

for instance, one of my greatest examples is gordon ramsay...I have all his pro aimed books......lots of technique to learn from and lots of inspiration.

DO start to experiment in the kitchen with the recipes (or at home, if you are not allowed yet).....its what I did, and developed own recipes that way. 

learn who you are as a cook, what kind of cook you are, where your heart lies......what strikes your passion?


since you are still so young, I'd look for as many options to take school/ classes/ courses aside from trying to find a workplace willing to let you stage, a place that you think you would fit in well and learn lots from, if possible.

I love passionate people......we need them in the kitchen and I wish you all the luck!!! 

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Hello, thanks for the reply, I currently work In a small 30 room hotel, and I'm about to start college very soon, the training I have been given is from my head chef and sous chef, and marco Pierre white is my favourite chef, although he has only released white heat which is brilliant, thank you very much for the advice, I will be taking it all in
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