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Hulloz from Malaysia

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Hi there ya'll i'm David from Malaysia! I've been following this forum for a few years since starting in culinary school 4 years back. But have only decided to join the community due to a new arising need.

Notable posters that i follow are BDL and phaedrius hehe... I enjoy reading about knives.. Can't help having blade lust wink.gif

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Welcome to Chef Talk.

How exciting to be pursuing such an exciting career.  Back in the day, Food Science or even Culinary Arts were a foreign language.  Look at how far our collective minds have gone with the simple thing of food.

I’m sure that you already know all about how it works around here, I mean having lurked for FOUR YEARS!!!  WOW!

Now don’t leave us Home cooks out of the conversation, we have plenty to bring to the table, each and every day with our ways of getting business done.

Please ‘like’ on Face Book too, as well as follow all of us and our pix on Pinterest.  It’s all about sharing in everything food.

Cook On!!

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Thanks for the welcome, will definitely follow and lurk on facebook too ;)

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