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Autumn Salad Ideas

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These come to mind:

Jicama, apple and walnut slaw

hot German potato salad

Wilted Spinach with bacon vinaigrette 

Grilled Radicchio & Belgian Endive

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Apple and/or pear & fennel salad with Honey Dijon vinaigrette, (and optional) Parmesan cheese.


I love salad, and use anything that is fresh & in Season.  Add hearts of palm, artichoke hearts, figs, bleu cheese, grilled romaine or baby bok choy.  Whatever strikes your fancy. Nothing wrong with the classics like Caesar (& adding chicken etc.).  Have fun with it.

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Thanks for your suggestions guys. I ended up putting together a classic butternut squash salad with beetroot carpaccio, red chicory, ciabatta chips, grilled pear and......honey dijon dressing! I also whipped up some goat cheese mousse, I think its a nice original autumn salad. But, we will see how it fares on the menu!


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I've been eating a Kale salad with a Cesar-type dressing a lot the last few months. It's my current favorite salad. Anchovies, dijon mustard, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil dressing and grated Parmesan cheese. A hard boiled egg on top makes it more or less a meal with a hunk of bread.

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I'm putting on my menu a marinated, roasted cauliflower salad with pickled chilis, baby kale with an oregano vinaigrette.  I'm also trying a house smoked trout with castelfranco and treviso, buttermilk dressing, radishes and cucumbers.  Next is a chilled barely salad with roasted carrots, sorghum vinaigrette and some kind of spicy green.

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Had a beautiful Beef and Radish salad the other day, absolutely delicious.

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