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Looking to STAGE(intern) while in Chicago !

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I'm actually looking to stage for a night or two at a awesome restaurant in Chicago while on vacation there. I will be going October1 - 8th not that far away from now. I was wondering if I could get any advice on how to go by doing this?
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Would you mind going to Winnetka?

This is a cool place. The owner, Chef Michael Lachowicz, is a great guy. I'd call between 11:00~1:00, ask for him.

64 Green Bay Road, Winnetka, IL 60093, 847-441-3100
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Anything that will broaden my culinary experience is perfect for me!
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Let us know if it works out-----That might be very interesting.---Mike------

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Have you researched which restaurants you would like to work in this city? The possibilities are endless, but you should definitely start looking around and start trying to call a few places to explain your situation and see if they may be able to help. The worst they can say is no, right?


This may sound weird, but I also suggest looking through the F&B Job Postings on craigslist. I have helped many a friend (and myself) set up stages/jobs from leads I've found there.

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So I called Michael restaurant and I didn't get a answer so I did leave a message. I said that I was inquiring about a internship for a night, no reply yet, I called yesterday. Should I call again?
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Alinea restaurant looks amazing but I feel after looking at the photo gallery that it may be way out of my league, should I call and at least see if they will except ?
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You can call and try, but being they are the only 3* restaurant in the city I can almost guarantee you that they are flooded with applications and resumes. They can be picky. I would try to look up other great restaurants that are not as recognized as I feel your odds of success would be better with them.

Keep searching, calling, and leaving messages. Your biggest hurdle to overcome is that you are on a limited timeframe and most places that are hiring are definitely looking for something more than a one time 2-3 nights (including the places I work at). Nonetheless, best of luck on your search and hopefully you can find something.

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