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What drives you?

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I love to serve the guests. To walk into the restaurant and see them enjoying the food our team has prepared. I love to think up new dishes. Just a bit of myself, shared with the guests. I love garde manger work as its the first AND the last thing they get.


All that aside from the usual kitchen athmosphere, the rush AND the calmth that comes over me when I step into it.

No matter whats going on. In the kitchen, its just know?


So, I was wondering.

What drives YOU? :)

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A junky but reliable 1995 Jeep Cherokee that starts every day.
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What drives YOU? :)

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you guys are funny..... but come on??? :P

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OT here but I just noticed the change from student to line cook.




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I was driven by the challenge---and the satisfaction of seeing an affair that went well.


The more complicated the better---

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mike, I like that last line :D seems we have something in common...


flipflopgirl, thank you! 

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I LOVE experimenting! Learning and playing with new foods! Colors and even textures. A good challenge is always fun. :-)
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