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lemon cupcakes

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I am failing on my lemon cupcakes. I created my own recipe and followed someone else's. They are coming out like biscuits. No flavor and white as snow. I don't know what to do. I want them to be golden brown.

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Can post your recipe and perhaps it can be analyzed?

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Lemon cake is difficult because the acidity in the juice means that the baking soda amount needs to be exactly right. Consider brushing lemon simple syrup (cook sugar, lemon juice, a little water and even wide strips of zest to get that essential oil as well) and brushing it over the top of a plain yellow cake recipe that you like.

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Hard to write a recipe so kudos for the effort.

My lemon cake/cupcake is basically a pound cake with lemon zest a a few drops of  lemon oil.

Nothing fancy just good butter.....

If you do go this route be mindful that pound cakes do not rise very much so you will need to fill the wells a bit more.




My batter gets color from the egg yolks mainly but if I wanted a deeper yellow I would not be adverse to adding 1-2 drops of food coloring ;-)

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When I do Lemon Cupcakes I tend to almost do a Lemon Drizzle thing with them - Only use the zest in the batter. Mix sugar with the lemon juice - Once they have cooked, poke holes in the top like you would a lemon drizzle - and drizzle a little of the lemon/sugar mixture on the cupcake. 

The great thing about cupcakes is that no matter how messy the top of it is, the frosting can cover up the holes or gaps you've made

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That will work also.

Lemon is one of the more difficult flavors to hit on point and taste natural and not of extract.

Really pointless to use the juice in the use it as a simple syrup/glaze.

But Marie wants her cupcake to be a bit lighter with more structure and moisture.

Waiting for your recipe Marie...



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