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Hello, everyone, I am new here.  Don't be mad, but I had a bout of insomnia last night and must have hit the wrong keys because this site came up.  I think I was looking for reassurance that I would find a good job next year when I receive my degree, but truth be told, I'm terrified.  


I've been cooking for over 40 years and not just "home stuff", but real gourmet food like in the 70s, I made hollandaise sauce, steak au poivre, carbonnara, stuffed pork roasts, empanadas, etc., but enrolled in culinary school last year to do it professionally.


For my 2nd semester final, I made steak au poivre, black rice, and asparagus spears in brown sage butter.  I received an A for appearance, mise en place, and taste.  I love cooking and want to excel at it for a living, but Anthony Bourdain's book, "Kitchen Confidential" scared the heck out me.


I am 57 years old, in good shape, work out regularly, and can run with the best of 'em in the kitchen, but he thinks I may be too old.


Anyway, I won't be a newbie just getting out of school totally.  I do have my 40 years of experience with cuts, spice blends, and common sense.


Is there anyone else out there in my boots?:smoking:

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Aloha, welcome to Chef Talk, k~girl here, so glad that we joined in the conversation!

Man, you've got some moxy to start culinary school at such a tender age, GO GET 'EM! 

Please take a minute to review the site and should you have questions, please post those in the Feedback & Suggestion forum.  Have you checked out the Students forums to find the answer to your question?  You'll find loads of folks in your shoes, I mean mature students that is.

I hope that you will visit, share and chat often not only here but at on Face Book as well as Pinterest.

Cook On!!

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