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Looking to learn about bread and pastries in Denver

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I am looking to learn about baking bread and pastries and live in the Denver area.  I currently work for a website that sells food service equipment and have been auditing our bakery selection.  I was wondering if there are any local bakeries that would be willing to me with me and teach me how to bake bread and basic level pastry so I can figure out what equipment and supplies are essential in a bakery and learn more about how the process works.  I am not trying to sell equipment or supplies to you, I am hoping that you can give me good insight into operating a bakery and maybe some insight into what makes various brands of equipment a good choice.  


If you think you might be able to help me (and are mostly just eager to teach someone) please let me know.  I am not afraid to get my hands dirty and would love the opportunity to watch you prep and start baking (I would love to shadow you during a baking shift, if possible).  


Please let me know if you might be interested and I can tell you a bit more about my project and may be able to offer you incentives for helping :-).



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If you know any bakers and are on good terms with them then why not ask them if you can come along for a night or two (stress that it's unpaid) and help/see how it's done. I've done that sort of thing several times and if people know a little bit about you I think there'd be no reason why they'd disagree to letting you stand in. I've never had anyone refuse.


Of course that could be because I'm so cool!! :D

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Thanks for the tip.  I know several caterers, coffee shop owners, etc but do not really know a baker.  Do you think it would be difficult to approach a baker that I don't personally know to ask them how they do things and to see if I can help out a night or two?  I tried to meet with a donut baker yesterday and she panicked because she thought I was trying to steal her secrets when I asked her how she proofs her dough....  Any tips on a good way to approach them without making them think I am trying to steal their business? 

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Friend of a friend---your caterer friend could introduce you to his( or her) baker---


You just need to ask----

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