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sinking sour cream cake

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I've got this cake problem that it seems no matter what we try, we can't figure it out! Hoping someone might have a tip we've not thought of. We are trying to do a dense white sour cream cake at my work. It used to turn out well  for several months but for the last month or so, no one can seem to get it right and it sinks in the middle instead of being a nice even layer .


I don't know if we've slowly changed a technique over time and not realized it, or if weather would affect it. I live in an area now with 4 seasons where I used to live in an area with basically one.. so I'm even wondering now if it's something like ambient temp or humidity.


We've tried baking it at a lower temp, baking it longer, mixing by hand instead of the paddle, mixing it longer, mixing it less, changing the order of the eggs and sour cream, using the lighter-weight 9" pans, using the heavier 9" pans.. we're running out of ideas and we're getting desperate! Really hoping someone can help. Thanks a ton! 

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Your best bet is to supply us with a recipe.

Usually, cakes sink in the middle due to too much leavening or an inappropriate ratio of leavening to acid.


It could be the sour cream you are using is more acidic than what you used before. Also, whomever is measuring your ingredients could be sloppy. 


Supply us with the recipe and we can probably help you figure it out.

Liquored up and laquered down,
She's got the biggest hair in town!


Liquored up and laquered down,
She's got the biggest hair in town!

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Hello everyone,    made this confetti cake twice changing up few things such types of flour from cake flour to all purpose flour adding and lessening butter or other ingredient's same sink edge..    cake looked norm around the edges but when taking cake out of pan was sunk in middle and looking like cake didn't get done or looking like gel kinda.  taste was delicious but looked horrible.   found recipe from pinterest here it is maybe this will help you help me.


 1 1/4   cups all-purpose flour

    3/4   cup granulated sugar

 1 1/4   tsp baking powder

    1/4  salt

    3/4  cup milk

    1/3  cup butter, softened

      1   tsp vanilla

      1  egg


oven on to 375f. grease bottom of an 8x8x2 inch pan with shortening or spam. put flour,sugar,baking powder and salt in a mixing bowl. add milk,butter and vanilla to dry ingrediants. Beat  with a electric mixer low speed until combined, stop mixer to scrap sides of bowl then beat on medium speed for two min. then add egg. beaton lowuntil combined.then beat 2 minutes more.     put in a oven 375f 20 to 30 minutes.

                      any advice is greatly appreciated b4 I waste any more ingrediants

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A few things..


375 seems too high to me and for too short a time. Try 350 for closer to 40 mins and stick in a skewer or something similar to see if it's done.


Also, 1 egg does not seem like enough. 1 egg is what I put into a batch of cookie dough, usually cakes need more.


You also may have overbeat your batter and incorporated too much air into it but I'm hesitant to say that this is the cause because you mention gumminess which indicates it was undercooked.

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oh thank you for your quick reply. I will try using your tip-   had used two reciepes one said 4egg whites then other recipe said only 1 egg both recipes did same thing. however I will defiantly try longer time n lower temp next try.. have a great evening!!!

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