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newbie san mai knife blade question

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Not a long time ago I've bought Shigeki Tanaka 150mm petty on ebay. It was said to be san mai Damascus knife with VG10 core.

What caught m
y attention is how the blade looks like near the handle:

It's not that obvious from picture, but in real life there can be clearly seen a core of much darker steel.


Am I right in assuming that different colored core is VG10? If so, why is it so badly centered?

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Could you send a photo of the edge as well? VG-10 doesn't discolour as carbons do, and I know the maker for producing similar blades with Blue (carbon) steel as well. You would be even be better off. Hard to say yet though, one stainless may look brighter than another with both having the same finish.
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By the way: the core steel being off-centered is perfectly common. Never seen a symmetric Japanese blade. No good symmetric blade in general, I would tend to say.
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Thanks for reply, Benuser! 

My lens doesn't allow focusing closer then half a meter, so I can't take any decent macro shots of blade. This one is probably the best I can do:


As I've started learning cooking only very recently, I decided to start with stainless. Most probably, at some point later I'll buy carbon knife mostly out of curiosity, not because I need it (2 petty and gyuto soon to arrive are more then enough).   


As for this Takana knife I tend to like it. Wasn't really impressed with fit and finish (compared to fancy Hattori HD), but the cutting performance is the best among anything I used so far. And for some reasons that I don't really understand, it's easier to sharpen and feels better then Hattori on the stones. 

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It's quite obvious to me there's no carbon core, which would more or less look like this one

About sharpening: the same steel may have very different properties depending on the Heat Treatment. Things like grain size, carbide size and distribution are determined by the HT and will result in a different feel on the stones.
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