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So ive just start a new job at park plaza hotel county hall in london and i have no knives or equipment and the other chefs are by the looks of it getting annoyed with me using there knives etc


im looking for some one to tell me what i need equipment wise peeler etc...

and i want to get a set of knives pref japanese i like the look and feel of them money isn't really a issue i just need to get some knives asap and equipment  so i willing to spend max around the 1500 mark i dont want to buy cheap and buy again i want tools that are going to last need to hear from yous asap :)


all and any any input will be appreciated 

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First things that come to mind if you're asking for actual stuff and not just brands, specifics:


8 inch + chef knife/gyuto. I prefer 10 inch myself. 10 inch knife you pervert.


Paring knife or a petty if you prefer something larger.


Bread knife


Boning knife


Honing steel, I prefer ceramic such as a Idahone.




Microplane zester. Possibly two, one for coarser, one for fine.


Tweezers and plating spoons can come in handy.


If they don't provide in house shared fish spatulas and shears, those are a good idea as well.


Knife roll or knife bag.


Digital thermometer. Doesn't need to be a Thermapen, but not a piece of $10 junk either.


A good pair of nonslip shoes/sneakers.





Hope that helps to start, I'm sure I'm forgetting a few obvious things and one or two not so obvious.

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thanks mate im new to a kitchen where i need my own kit so its all a bit to take in when you realise how much you need 

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No prob and yeah if you're building up from the ground it seems and pretty much is a lot to buy.


Update us to let us know what you wind up getting specifically and how it's working for you and if the other cooks and chefs get off your back haha.

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