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Marcella Hazan dies.

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Anyone here have her cookbooks and what do you think of them?

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Sad news; very sad.  I had not heard this yet.  I do not know her personally but know her book, Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking, quite well.  If I had only one Italian cookbook to recommend to someone learning Italian cookery that would be it.

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She was a Goddess. Her cookbooks are wonderful. Accessible, straightforward writing, good, fresh Italian foods from all around the country. A lot of it is very simple but also very delicious. I would use the "A" word (authentic) but that always stirs up a debate. I have several of her cookbooks and only recently scored a second hand copy of The Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking, which induced me to break my self-imposed cookbook buying fast because I couldn't pass it up.


She is credited with changing the way Americans thought about and ate Italian food.

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The NYT obit was interesting.  


If I could keep only one cookbook, it might be _Essentials_.  It's good not only on the what, but the why: Italian cooking is not so much a bunch of recipes as ways of thinking about food.  That, I think, is the authenticity CT notes.  


I'd love to hear from someone who has her complete works about the different books.

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I don't know much about Italian cooking, but I do recall reading an article in a magazine many years ago by an American Italian woman, who said that back in Italy they weren't obsessed with cheese, tomatoes and pasta, which is what many folks think Italian cuisine is all about.  I recall that this article included a bunch of 'authentic' Italian recipes that contained absolutely none of these 3 things.

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Sad news. Her Essentials pretty much introduced me to Italian cuisine and Italian way of looking at food.

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