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Outdoor grill

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We're looking for an outdoor gas grill.  We were considering DCS and Sunstone but have seen questions as to whether their quality (made in China) is sufficiently high to warrant their prices.  Can anyone offer thoughts as to how they compare with AOG or PGS?  Any other recommendations.  (I'm particularly keen to have a grill that is easy to clean up.)

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I'm surprised you didn't get a response sooner - this community is generally very helpful, so stick around.


Both Costco and Sam's Cub carry a very nice 4-burner, rotiss, side-burner cabinet grill made by Grand Hall which is - surprise - Chinese. We had one for 17 years out in the weather, and were always pleased with its performance. Then our condo association outlawed open-flame grills because the local fire department thought there might be a fire hazard (there hadn't been any grill-related fires for the 35 years since they were built but these days we all are regulated for the convenience of the government.)  Taxes levied for the fire department didn't go down.


When we bought it at Sam's it was $600 - haven't shopped any since then. It compared quite well to the big Webers that were going for $2000-plus at the time. GH has a very detailed website for any replacement part you need, at fairly reasonable prices.  We didn't need any, and I used it year-round, very frequently.


You should at least take a look.  It might even be worth joining one of them if you're not already a member.


Hoppy coo-keeng, to quote Jacques Somebody-or-other.



travelling gourmand
travelling gourmand
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Are you interested in a stand alone model or a built in unit where your simply purchasing the grill head itself and installing it in an island or some other fabricated unit often masonry in nature. What sort of things are you looking to do with this grill? I design and build outdoor kitchens and its much more about What your doing... your Reasonable budget, and what you have to work with. ( the actual environment your in, size of gas supply, availability of utilities etc.).
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