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Event Planners Question

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Most EP's we work with are wonderful and we have established a great trust in each.

New EP seems to want to use us often good and bad...but will go into that later

What is the norm that an EP will upcharge for a dinner...I understand it will be different all the time but an approximate would be great.

I have a $$ in my head that I want to make (profit ) on a particular job and if the EP can charge more and the customer will pay that's long as I make my desired $$. I don't care who gives me the check. I just need a ball park figure or % of what the EP marks the food portion of the event.

Also do you (caterer )  get to the chance to speak w/client or do you ALWAYS go thru the EP only. Normally it works both ways with us and it has always worked fine.......we don't discuss prices w/client...event planner handles this part but we will help in establishing what exactly the client wants in the way of food b/c it often get difficult relaying to EP then onto the client...things kind of get flustered.

So how many of you actually get to speak w/client and not just the EP......this new EP Im thinking is so afraid we may mention to client pricing and then they will just hire us instead of going thru EP and save $$.

these are not big events she has us jumping thru hoops for .....these are small parties some not even 50 people and basically all she is doing for them is calling us.......we are not talking big gala events w/lighting, sound systems blah blah blah....she is calling Taylor Rental and putting a few clothes on tables....I don't think she would know what to do on a large event.

Can you tell Ive had a crappy morning....sorry for the half ars venting but she is making my drugg'in and drink'in problem much worse.

I just thought of of our better event planners always has the customer make out one check for the caterer (us) ....I have no idea how she adds on her fee..perhaps she just bills them herself for her part of the service....I like this idea but was wondering if this is also the norm or just how this EP chooses to do it. Thanks very much for any thoughts


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Event planners ,most often, use a fee---cost plus---so the customer sees your bill and pays you directly-----


Those were the only ones I would work with. I encountered several that wanted to do the selling and pay us directly------that looked like bad news---they wanted per plate pricing --which worked for formal parties over 80 guests--but were money looser for anything smaller---so we passed.


I always wanted complete control over an event----if the planner sells something that will flop or loose money--I was not going to go there----


If you will be dealing directly with the client---it might work----if they want you to hide your prices or get cut out on the menu and service selection,run away and don't look back.

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Thank you mikewood...I missed your reply, sorry! Thank you...that's what I thought. Its just this one EP that is really pulling my chain and selling things that she has no idea cant possibly work in some settings. If she only had some knowledge about food we might be able to get things accomplished but she will never let me speak w/clients in order to persuade them in perhaps another direction!! ....something that will work !! Thank you..I think its time to cut ties with this person!!

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Thank you for the pat on the back.  I believe you are making the right decision--Mike---

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