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Help! Crispy yeast doughnuts

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Hi There,

I’ve been developing a yeast doughnut recipe. It has taken me months but I think I’ve finally got something that I like, both flavor and texture. It is as light and fluffy as it is going to get. The only problem I am having is that my end result doughnut is soft on the exterior. I’d really like it to have more of a slightly crunchy exterior. You sometimes get this at doughnut shops with yeast doughnuts but I know many of those shops are using mixes. This is a scratch based recipe. I’ve even tried adding potato to it – figuring starch might help. It doesn’t. I’d rather not post my recipe because it has taken me a lot of work…but I would appreciate any suggestions or techniques from all of you gurus out there to help me achieve a crispier exterior?

By the way, I am frying the doughnuts around 375F for 30 seconds each side. If they’re going to be filled, it’s more like 45 seconds each side. Thanks!

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Are you using white or brown sugar?  Are they glazed or coated in any way?

We went to Wall South Dakota and had the most amazing doughnuts at Wall Drug

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The doughnuts have white sugar in them.... The glazes vary but they are glazed usually with a powdered sugar-butter glaze. Also to note that The doughnuts get soft even before the glaze. Thanks! Brown sugar sounds interesting....
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I've found that adding as little as an extra tablespoon of sugar (I use brown) helps with the exterior texture



@ Wall Drug, I had to have more than one doughnut...

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