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Pretty sure this is the right forum

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Sorry if its not.


Basically im 24 coming October 18th, and I realized, I really don't like cubicles. I mean, sure they pay a decent amount, but I really really don't like cubicles.


What I do like, is sushi, I love sushi. Yet I know absolutely nothing about sushi. So i thought to my brilliant unhindered self,


"Self, why don't we go work at a sushi restaurant!"


"Thats BRILLIANT Self, but how? We know absolutely nothing about making food, were not Japanese, and we could probably set water on fire."


"Well Self, maybe the internet would know?"


So im here, asking for advice on becoming an apprentice in a sushi restaurant, I really don't need to be paid at the moment cause im on unemployment for the next 2 months anyway, but I just thought it be neat to learn how to make sushi and how not to set water on fire.



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0 suggestions on how to get an unpaid apprenticeship at a restaurant?

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You posted this at 10:30 at night and checked back at 4:30am EST. Everyone is working or in bed. 

As for your question, I'll suggest you go to a sushi restaurant and talk to the owner or the chef. There are also numerous articles and videos on the internet that provide plenty of instructions. Plenty of books at Barnes and Noble or your local bookstore. Fish for sushi must be absolutely the freshest possible so find a good fish market near you. Find an asian market where you can buy the necessary ingredients. 

Knowing how to make sushi is possible without restaurant experience but if restaurant experience is what you want, go talk to the owner.

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I actually did exactly this in London last year, landed a paid job in a sushi restaurant with almost zero experience in Japanese cuisine (other than loving to eat it). Its possible, find restaurants that are hiring and go talk to the chef. That's all I did. Don't email or call, go in person. Its really easy to ignore and email from someone with no experience. Show up and be nice and who knows what could happen. Patience is a virtue my friend.

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Originally Posted by SamWest61 View Post

Don't email or call, go in person.


I think this is very important advice. An email gives the feeling you sent 42 emails to 42 different restaurants hoping one will answer. If you go in person you're sending a clear message that you are truly motivated, willing to make an effort etc. 

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Theres one other thing... im a girl.


It SHOULDNT matter, but I hear it does a lot in kitchens, especially oriental kitchens


Any advice on this?

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Stop wondering, and just do it. Go out, bang on the door of sushi restaurants, and ask. You'll see what happens. 

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There was a girl working in the restaurant I was at, if that's any boost to your confidence....Good luck with the water boiling

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