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A plain cake is delicious, and the aroma makes it altogether mouthwatering, but a dessert beautifully draped in colorful fondants and decorated with flowers, ribbons, bows, or other several unimaginable things, makes it very tempting. Everyone waits in anticipation to taste it, and one bite would not at all be sufficient, it makes you desire and yearn for more. The fondants are the coverings of the cakes that make it plain, smooth and colorful; one may use any number of colors, flavors or shapes to envelope the dessert. Would you like to try cake fondants too? With practice anyone can do it at home too.




  1. Butter 100 gm.
  2. Powdered sugar 5-6 cups
  3. Vanilla essence 1tsp.
  4. Condensed milk 2/3 cup




It is quite easy to proceed, simply mix all the ingredients together and bind them into dough. Now the fondant is ready to roll. You may add edible colors to make it pink, green or pastel blue. One can use an endless number of colors; just blend them well before kneading it into dough. To get the desired consistency one may add more powdered sugar gradually. You should be able to roll it well.

To use them on your cake, simply place it over the cake and handle it delicately while you gradually place it on the cake from the top. Several shapes and patterns are created with fondants. One can make beads, various shapes of stars, circles, flowers or get a quilting effect on the plain rolled out fondant dough, before placing it over the cake. Cut them into strips to place over or on the sides of the cake in a zig-zag pattern.T is very simple to make fondant roses, cut narrow 1x5 inch strips of fondant and roll them till the end of the strip. Now you can dress your dessert with this, trim the height of the flower if desired. This is an interesting activity for cake lovers and also those who love decorating them.