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Help, want a whiter chocolate chip cookie base...please help!

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Ok, so I have been a baker all my life (well actually Im a hairstylist, but Im trying to follow my passion for baking).


I am looking to come up with a fun idea to bake and sell at local farmers markets. My latest possible idea is flavored "chocolate chip cookies". For instance, banana cream cookies, cafe latte cookies, cherry almond cookies, the list goes on and on.


Here is my question. I want to use a traditional chocolate chip cookie recipe as my base and flavor accordingly.


Like for Banana Cream cookies I want to use banana flavoring in my cookies and vanilla chips. The thing is Id like to color the cookies according to flavor. Yellow for banana. Knowing a bright yellow cookie will be somewhat off putting I want just a hint of yellow so people know what they are eating. But my chocolate chip cookie base is brown from the brown sugar. I looked up if you can substitute all white sugar for the brown sugar and what I find is yes, but it changes the consistency of the cookie which I would prefer not to do.


So here are some ideas. I hear you can substitute brown sugar with a white sugar and molasses mix but that still makes my cookies brown. So what about a substitute of white sugar and light corn syrup? It just sounds sooooo sweet. So not sure about that.


What about adding some white coloring to my cookies. I have used it before in cakes to get them ultra white. I wonder if that would brighten my cookies and allow for me to then color the dough yellow.


Does anyone have any other suggestions? Is this even a possibility? I dont want the cookies to look...well...pukey. But I think a light yellow cookie would be cute. I plan to just experiment but if anyone has any ideas Id love to hear them.


Thank you!

Baby-K Bakes!

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Welcome, babykbakes!


I have had good experiences with making these types of flavored cookies and coloring, the only one that didn't go over well for me was Mint Chocolate Chip, the reaction was the the peppermint tasted too much like mouthwash and the slight green color took on a light brown tint after baking.


Substituting all white sugar and corn syrup works great, just don't add too much, 2Tbs at most for a standard 2 stick of butter recipe. It provides a slight chewiness and helps the cookie to stay chewy after a couple of days if not immediately sold. Any more than that and the cookie will have a strange texture. Surprisingly it doesn't affect the sweetness of the cookie as far as I can tell.


I add a little corn syrup to all of my doughs except for ginger cookies because the molasses has the same effect.


Good luck with your venture, may your success be sweet :)

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Thank you! I will give it a go. Going to start with a half batch at a time. Today I think Im going to try banana cookies with either butterscotch or peanut butter chips. Im so excited! If anyone else has any tips please let me know...keep em coming!

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Dont know if you have tried this, but what about a cocoa cookie and a mint chip rather then a mint cookie and chocolate chip?

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Forgot to mention that shortening makes a whiter base rather than butter but flavor is sacrificed, of course.


I haven't tried mint chips in a chocolate cookie, having a smack my head moment, that'd be great!  :)

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Ok so I made two different cookies today with the suggested method, white sugar and corn syrup.


I make Orange Cream-sickle (Orange cookie with vanilla chips), and Elvis Presleighs, Banana cookies with peanut butter chips.


I have to say, they taste absolutely insane! They are so good.


BUT! The consistency is definitely not right.


So I substituted the brown sugar for white sugar plus 1 tablespoon of corn syrup (making half batches while I experiment)


I did add extra extract to make them uber flavorful, not sure if that makes a difference.


They arent very fluffy, they ran quite a bit and the sugar crystalized at the bottom giving them a carmely bottom, delicious as that may be, its not right.


My aim is to make them just like chocolate chip cookies but different flavors. This consistency isnt right and Im trying to figure out why...Obviously substituting the brown sugar for the white and adding corn syrup does something, but what? Anything I can do...


Ultimitely Im thinking of just going ahead with the brown sugar and skipping the food coloring. Or maybe adding a little anyway to give them just a tint, rather then color them.


I have to say, they looked SO STRANGE before I cooked them, I had a good laugh thinking an orange cookie was the most off putting thing ever but I have to say they were AMAZING, but ya, maybe an orange cookie just isnt right anyway...ADVISE??


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Looks a tiny bit wet.

Try cutting back on the creaming time as all that work can sometimes melt the fat which causes the batter to separate (and sugar will land on bottom)

Wouldn't hurt to add a few Tbl AP flour into the drys either.

You could also try pulling the pan when the batch is just this side of "done" as the carry over heat will also cause spreading.

I see lots of chips...ummm love add ins, lol.




Kudos to can be difficut to write/alter.

It is worth it tho when you hit your mark and can say it is "yours".



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I second what Mimi says, adding a little more flour because of how the cookie is pooling around the chips.. the fat/flour ratio is off.

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So I got your replies this morning at 6 am and let me tell you I haven't jumped out of bed that fast in quite some time! I immediately turned the oven on and started mixing. Today I made Butterscotch Mocha cookies. They are really something else!


I added three extra tablespoons of flour which seemed like a lot but turned out great. They were definitely more firm in the dough, very firm. But they baked beautifully!


My question now is should I increase the baking soda at all? Does it seem right to up the flour so much? I guess if it works it works.

But what do you think about adding extra baking soda?


I also was careful not to over mix this time. I do have a habit of throwing things in the kitchen aid one at a time and keeping the mixer going while I measure other ingredients. I was more careful.


I also took them out a minute earlier. The base recipe I was using said to cook them for 9 to 11 minutes but since I make them on the big side with a one ounce scoop...I was cooking them the full 11 minutes. I took them out at 10 this time and they are perfect! YUM YUM! Thank you everyone! Feel free to add more tips and tricks this forum has been super helpful!


Here is the baking beauty in the kitchen at 6:30 am baking in my robe lol



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Next on my list. S'more cookies!

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My idea would not be to color the cookies, but to garnish them. Coloring them just makes them look.....well.....bizarre and unappetizing. Part of the charm of chocolate chip cookie dough is the combination of the brown sugar and the granulated sugar. You really need the brown sugar in the dough for the flavor. If you use granulated sugar and corn syrup, you not only get the wrong texture, but the cookie is overly sweet and lacks flavor. If I were doing a banana/peanut butter chip cookie, I would press a dehydrated banana chip into the center of the cookie dough, and place some whole peanuts around it, then bake. 

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The cookies actually tasted amazing and not overly sweet at all. Thanks everyone for the advice!

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