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Cake layers

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Hi.. can someone tell me how to cut out perfect layers in a cake, like what we see in a bakery!


Thank you :)

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Agbay cake levelers


The Wilton ones aren't worth a damn.

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Lauren - Thank u :) This one seems to be really good. Yup, I already have the Wilton leveler and itz awful! 

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You're welcome! The Agbay is sturdy, level and easy to use. A bit pricey but worth it.  I thought for a few minutes which 4 letter words I would use to describe the Wilton and settled on damn since it was the least offensive though the others are better suited :)

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Lol Lauren! 


Yeah, Agbay seems to be a bit pricey, but am sure it gives a professional output. So, gotta settle with that then. Thanks again :) Have a good day. 

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