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I need to rent a commercial kitchen to make my product and when I use it I need to make the most of it so I'd like to know if anyone knows of anything about making a recipe in the most efficient manner. 


I basically need to add all the ingredients, pre-mixed, and then heat at medium heat until thoroughly melted & mixed - then bring to boil and heat to somewhere between 220 and 230.  I'd love to find an electric mixer to use for this but I've never seen anything bigger than a handheld that would work on a pot/stock pot on the stove - is there anything? I'd like to make a minimum of 2 gal recipes, hopefully more but I've never made more than 1.4 gallons at once. 


Once finished, I need to package the sauce and at the same time get the next batch heating - or have it heating while the other one is boiling - so somebody can always be packaging. 


I'll have 2 people for this.


If anyone has any experience with this I would love to hear about it and any suggestions would be greatly welcomed!  Thank you!