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Just signed up for this site looking to meet and talk with some other chefs for inspiration or just plain conversation. I'm a Culinary school grad where I learned under 2 World Master Chefs...John Kinsella and Meg Galvin. I live in Ohio where I currently own and run my own Food Truck and also do menu consulting on the side. International food is my specialty and seafood is my favorite thing to cook...mollusks and sustainable fish to be exact. Any questions about updating your current menu or adding a new item...feel free to ask.
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Hello, welcome to Chef Talk.  I hope that you’ve taken a moment to look around.  We’re an eclectic group from all parts of the globe and areas of food expertise.  You’ll find everyone from CCI in Boston all the way to Home Cooks in Honolulu; let’s not forget the Home Cook we bring it each and every night, like a five star restaurant.

Should you have questions in regards to the site itself, please post those in the Feedback & Suggestion forum.  It amazes me how generous CT members are with their culinary knowledge; I hope that you’ll join in often.

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