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Variation on chicken Marsala - what do you think??

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So here's what I'm thinking for my next experiment:


Start with bone-in skin-on chicken thighs.  Season with salt and pepper - or maybe even cajun mix like Emeril suggests.  Lightly dredge in seasoned AP and brown both sides.  Remove to plate and cover loosely.  Add some pepper flakes and garlic.  Deglaze with Marsala wine (Madiera too sweet?  I have some in the fridge).  Boil off the alcohol and add chicken stock.  Add the chicken back and braise in the oven at about 350 for 30 to 40 minutes.  Remove chicken to bed of creamy garlicy mashed potatoes and cover loosely.  Finish sauce with some butter, seasoning, capers, heavy cream and mushrooms (sauteed separately in butter).  Pour sauce over chicken.  Garnish with parsley-lemon zest-garlic gremolata.


Any thoughts?  Suggestions?  Comments?  Cautions?



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What a lovely recipe you have there.

i would suggest you, before deglacing the pan with the wine, to make a brown stock instead of using the chicken stock. You can make a brown stock with chicken bones.

In a pan, make a sturgion, with olive oil, garlic, burned onions, leek, carrot, and let it cook till they become brown. Add some water and the chicken bones, let it boil. You can now add some basic enhancers like black or pink pepper, some chicken stock, bay leef, parsley. Let it all boil untill you get a very dark sauce.


Make some roux. in a bowl, mix water with flour. Add some of the sauce. and than put the mix in the sauce pan. It will change the texture of the sauce. let it cook the flour for about 30 minutes but carefull to not let the sauce stick to the bottom. 


After that you can take out all the ingredients so you only have the liquid. Put that liquid in another pan. let it boil again and add advanced enhancers, like salt, cardamom, a bit of curry in powder will give it a nice flavour too. Remember, the seasonings are all up to you.


After you have that sauce, you can deglace the pan where you cooked the chicken, with marsala wine, than add that glace to to sauce you made, let it boil, check seasonings and thats all.


Hope you can understand my english. Since i dont have much technical vocabulary.


Happy cooking

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Your recipe sounds perfect to me!

A detail; you could add a small dash of your Madeira to your mushrooms at the end of sautéing them and let it evaporate. Mushrooms and Madeira are a match from heaven! On the other hand, a dash of Marsala would be great in there too.

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Thank you for your input.

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To close the loop - I tried out the experiment today and it turned out very well, especially for a first attempt!  I did what I said I was going to do with the exception that I did not use the capers in the sauce, and garnished with chopped parsley instead of a gremolata.


Miguel - thank you for your recommendation.  As a novice cook, I was a bit intimidated by the brown stock, so did not use it this time.  Maybe next time.


Chris - I did add a spoonful of madiera to the mushrooms and that was a good tip.


Thanks again for your input.

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