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Am I on the right path?

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Hello everyone! Ill begin by saying I've been a line cook for about 3 years now, I am currently 19 and enrolled in community college but working roughly 25-30 hours a week at a popular local bistro where I roll omelettes along with working sautee. Prior to my current job I was working at a restaurant since its opening for 2 years, I started off as a dishboy. I love absolutely everything about the kitchen. At this restaurant I was working at a max of 45 hours a week at roughly $9.00/hr. I find myself now although still a novice questioning what I need to do to be more successful as a line cook. I absolutely never say no to anything my superiors say and if it means staying for hours after everyone leaves to properly close the kitchen I am okay with it but since I have no close family or friends with experience I am asking you. If I just stay an extremely hard working and respectful line cook what else can I do to improve myself. I wouldnt trade my job on its worst for anything else.
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I suggest you take business management courses----you can learn to cook at work and from books and seminars,but management--the rules of the business world --will seldom be taught to you on the job---


Understanding how a business functions---marketing---book keeping---personnel management--will help you advance in any work situation---

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