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Hi everyone.  Haven't been here for a bit....

I am going to make little packets of orangettes for Christmas gifts.  I have tried tempering chocolate before, and it is hit and miss. (Need to spend more time on practising this skill and will wait for my infrared thermometer to arrive).  In the meantime, my question is, that none of the recipes for orangettes temper the chocolate.  You just dip the pieces of candied orange into the melted chocolate.  Shouldn't you temper the choc first? 

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I guess you should probably temper it to get a more professional glossy finish... you just don't have to... depending on the result you want.


Hopefully foodpump will join in on this thread, he's the chocolate expert. 

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Can you explain what an orangette is?
Other question is what type chocolate was specified in the recipe...

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@French Fries maybe @foodpump  needs some coaxing over in this direction?

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Aloha kimmit, we haven't seen you in a while, I would guess that you've been busy with this and that... I was just looking at some ideas on Pinterest for chocolate dipper this or that as well for Christmas gift giving this year.  What I found was a product from Ghirardelli

I haven't tried it yet, it's still hiding in the back of the cupboards so that little hands don't find it and eat it


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Originally Posted by flipflopgirl View Post

Can you explain what an orangette is?

Confit orange peel slices dipped in chocolate. Normally at home you just use normal dark chocolate. 


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Thanks everyon for the comments. Flipflopgirl, Frenchfries answered your
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I love those !

Orangettes.... great name!



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that looks so useful!  Will have to see if I can get some online...thanks!

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Those look great...I do like the ones that are completely covered in chocolate, which is how I will be making them.  I can eat them by the bucketload! :-)

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Well, I think I nailed my tempering have to beat the hell out of the chocolate when you are "seeding".  This last batch of orangettes were superb!  Unfortunately no photo's as I gave some away and ate the rest! :)

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