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Korean Food

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So I'm a white guy, and I'm working in a restaurant that serves upscale Korean food. One problem I'm having is that I can't seem to be creative at all, and I struggle to be able to take advantage of the local ingredients since we only really serve traditional food. It really frustrates me see all my other chef friends taking advantage of all the great produce available in the area (we do use some specific seasonal things, but not nearly as much as I'd like) or doing really creative dishes and I'm stuck picking my specials out of a cookbook...

What do I do?

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Depending on your experience, nothing wrong with finding inspiration in a cookbook. I refuse to call myself a "Chef" since I never went to culinary school or got any accreditation of any sort. I worked my way up in a restaurant in florida, and then moved to NYC and now run production at a restaurant up here. The first specials I ever ran in Florida were ideas I got out of a cookbook with my own twist and knowing what would work with the clientele at that restaurant. A few test batches for family, a few tweaks and changes and you can call it your own. Learn your clients, learn your cuisine and there is no shame in finding inspiration elsewhere. Think of how many fine dining "French Restaurants" serve a beef bourgiugnon that descends from LaRousse's Gastronomique? No shame in that. Make it your own and your good.

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You know... creating things straight out of your memory isn't the heart of the matter.

Whether calling on rote memory or extracting from a cookbook, putting together something

Korean based, or whipping up a Mother sauce....the real trick is.....

can you COOK it?

Cuz in the end, if you got it right, no one really cares HOW you did it.

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I just feel that I have very few options in many cases. Like, oh, I got in this great mushroom! I can think of a million great things to do with it - but none of them are Korean... Looks like I have to look up a Korean dish I can make it work with. Meanwhile, my friend is just totally getting this opportunity to come up with new, unique plates. Personally, I don't get much satisfaction from doing the same cookbook dishes over and over. That being said, I also don't intend to leave this restaurant...

This over and over:


Just isn't the same as a new one of these every day:

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Get out and find a more creative restaurant...

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