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warming tortillas for service in a 340 seat venue

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Hello all,

I'm very new to this site. I need a bit of help, however.

I'm the executive chef at a couple of French restaurants and I've been in the industry for 23 years now.

Problem is, ownership has just put a hipster gussied up taqueria on my plate too.

Tacos are great. Tastings are going well. But Mexican isn't something I've attempted at this volume.

340 seats and they turn I'm told.

Kitchen is equipped with a 6 six burner range/oven/sally combo,steam table, 3 foot grill, 2 convections, fryers and a microwave.

Any chefs out there have experience with tortillas (corn: yellow and nixtamal) at this volume?

Thanks in advance

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I'm not a chef, much less someone who has experience with a problem like this. But I do have some experience with corn tortillas. (I live in Mexico and am a big enthusiast of Mexican cuisine.)


If you're asking how to cook that many tortillas, I wouldn't have the slightest idea. As for how to keep them I think basically you just need to keep them warm and moist.


Any direct steam could be a problem. They tend to start falling apart and get mushy and stick together. I've experienced that. So maybe wrap up 20 or so at a time in foil and stack them in an insulated chest. I'd think that would keep them moist and they'll keep themselves pretty warm that way.

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I use Calidad brand corn tortillas, they are a little more pricey but they are better than that Rio Veijo brand that most food purveyors sell. They hold up well for a long period of time in a warmer and have great flavor hands down. Soul Vole is right, heat up about 20 and wrap them in foil and keep them in a hot box and they should be fine, just don't do too many if your not turning over the product as fast. Hope that helps with your question, good cooking.
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Thank you both. I'd been considering both the foil method and steaming. Thanks for the steam warning Vole. Your shared endorsement of the foil method, however, is sufficient to strengthen my own resolve and dispel any misgivings.
Furthermore, the floor management has reduced the number of food runners to 4. There is really only so much these green young ladies can reasonably deliver. The human factor illuminates a built in stagger that as a chef frugal with labour costs I can easily take advantage of.
Thank you.
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